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Shipping & Logistics B2C/B2B – Developing website copy and a curated content marketing calendar that promotes how UniUni is doing things differently in Canada’s shipping ecosystem.


Uplift Destination Marketing

Destination Marketing B2B/B2C –  New company launch. Naming and creating the brand assets and website for a destination marketing firm that specializes in corporate retreats on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Uplift project



Fintech/B2C – Crafting content and messaging for AmiPRO’s first phase website and marketing materials. AmiPRO is the Digital Asset platform for Wealth Management Advisors in Canada.


Rolfe Benson LLP

Accounting/B2C –  Re-branding a CPA firm established in 1958 to best reflect the depth of accounting and financial advisory services they provide today.  



Manufacturing/B2B – Re-branding a manufacturer to focus on how they are making complex products for electrification easier to design and build. 


Dorigo Systems Ltd.

Manufacturing/B2B – Re-positioning an established Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider to leverage its current strengths and opportunities to expand existing sales and drive new business.


Pemberton Insurance

Insurance Brokers/B2B/B2C – Repositioning an established insurance brokerage firm after its 125th anniversary to be more accessible and relevant to a broader range of policy holders.


Gibbard Group Financial

Mortgage Broker/B2C – Re-launching the website for a mortgage brokerage firm applying Pivot Point Marketing brand messaging to pin point what they are currently doing best in mortgage lending.


Drexan Energy Systems, Inc.

Manufacturing/B2B – Re-branding a manufacturing company to promote its innovative heat tracing system that is creating a paradigm shift in their industry.


Parto Moshref Real Estate

Real Estate/B2C – Evolving an existing realtor’s brand imagery to focus on what makes her services uniquely different and drive new business. 


Parkside Dental Group

Helathcare/Dentistry/B2C – Evolving the brand for a family dental practice celebrating its 25th anniversary.


Suzanne Girard Travel & Communication

Travel trade/tourism sales/B2B/B2C – Launching a new boutique travel trade and tourism sales representation company that has relocated to the Pacific Northwest. 


Enigma Interconnect (2012) Corp.

Manufacturing/B2B – Evolving the Enigma Interconnect (2012) Corp website to reflect new ownership of this Printed Circuit Board manufacturer celebrating 40 years of business.



Mobile/IoT/High Tech/B2B –  Evolving the Wavefront brand from a local accelerator to a national brand encompassing services that meet the needs of entrepreneurs and start-ups to enterprise clients.


IoTACAN Internet of Things Alliance Canada

High Tech/B2B/B2C/Not-for-Profit – Phase 1 launch of a new high tech organization promoting advances that leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) for Canadians. 


WINC - Wavefront, Inc.

Enterprise Consulting/Mobile/B2B/New Business Launch – Establishing a new enterprise mobile consulting company that has grown from the Wavefront Accelerator in Vancouver, BC. First phase launch for the enterprise services division.


iLiveinKits & iEvaluateHomes (iE) App

Real Estate/Mobile App/B2C – Launching a new mobile app for estimating the value of your home. Evolving the brand of an established Realtor’s website. Promoting a series of real estate seminars with social media and PR.


Maui Life Retreats

Travel/B2C/New business launch – Promoting the unique private, escorted luxury retreats only offered by Maui Life Retreats that are designed to bring joy, love, laughter and balance into the lives of its clients.


UBC Library Vault

Fundraising/Education/ New business launch – Broadening the donor base for the University of British Columbia (UBC) Library by creating a sustainable online community leveraging a new website called the UBC Library Vault.


West Vancouver PumpkinFest

Volunteer/B2C – Donating and volunteering time to the premier fundraising event for West Vancouver Community Centre’s (WVCC) Society.



Women’s Health & Wellness/B2C/New business launch – Launching a chic, sophisticated, contemporary online sexuality boutique that celebrates sexual intimacy, exploration, and learning for women in the prime of their lives.


Baskets by Marcelle

Gift Giving/B2C/eCommerce – Imagine giving the perfect gift every time? The launch of a new gift basket company lets customers know that you can!


Cardinal Play

Finance/B2B/B2C/New business launch – PBS Finance, a French company based in Versailles, France, launched a pre-paid Mastercard program targeting French people who typically cannot access lines of credit through their local banks.

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