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Pivot Point

To broaden the donor base for the University of British Columbia (UBC) Library by creating a sustainable online community leveraging a new website called the UBC Library Vault.


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Project Description

Website and Branding

The UBC Library was seeking to broaden their donor base by exploring unconventional revenue sources for the library that stayed true to their social mission of supporting research and enhancing teaching and learning at the university.

The award-winning UBC Library Vault website was built to be an online gallery of photographic images from UBC’s Rare Books and Special Collections that had never been seen by the public. Through storytelling and “Unlocking the Treasures” site visitors could learn about the story behind select collection photos. 

The project had a dual aim of increasing support for UBC Library among campus and community supporters, generating revenue and donations while providing and educational role. Gifts and promotional items such as bookmarks, postcards and prints were also created for supporters who recognized the value of the program.

The UBC Library Vault was successful in extending support of the library’s long-term care and growth. It created a funnel of qualified leads for the Library Development Office to nurture and convert into donors during a time when few active students, alumni, or targeted donors were aware that they could donate directly to the library.  

The UBC Library Vault and supporting marketing strategy was featured in “The Entrepreneurial Librarian – Essays on the infusion of private business dynamism into professional service” by Mary Krautter, Mary Beth Locke and Mary G. Scanlon, Chapter 10 – “Unlocking the Treasures.”

The UBC Library Vault logo was created by Pacey + Pacey Design.


UBC Library Vault website – Gold award for Best E-Innovation in University Advancement in the 2008 Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) Prix D’Excellence awards program. 

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Angelia Darnbrough is highly qualified, creative and self disciplined. The success of our project was largely due to the advice she provided and the strategy that she helped shape in areas that we were still learning about. I would highly recommend her for any marketing project that needs a dynamic out of box thinker. Angelia is a professional trusted by the project team and is a person of great integrity who wins the respect of others through her unwavering desire to bring out the best in people to create a win:win.

Shakeela Beegum

Director of Development, UBC Library