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Your prospects and customers are searching for solutions to their problems. Ask yourself – why should they choose you when there are so many choices available? That’s where People2People Marketing can help.

People2People Marketing creates memorable touchpoints with your target audience and leads them to engage and buy from you. The goal is to convert people into customers – and ultimately, raving fans of your company.

If you can clearly and properly describe how your product or service solves a specific problem, you will stand out from the competition. Take your customer’s viewpoint and tell your “why” and unique story in the marketplace. Consider what niche do you fill?

Tell Your Story
Telling your story is so important. By inspiring curiosity and making and deep emotional connection with your target audience, you will make yourself memorable, laying a foundation for sustainable growth. People2People Marketing helps you tell that story. It’s an essential part of your organization’s brand messaging and value proposition.

We’ve seen successful organizations clearly state their “why” in less than 25 words. It becomes the foundation for how they reach out and capture new business. Remember that your brand messaging has to be unique to your organization – your competition can’t lay claim to what you are saying.

Did you know that many top brands are able to state their brand message in less than five words? Think of Nike’s “Just do it”, Apple’s “Think different” and Dove’s “Real beauty”. What makes all of these brand promises effective is that they challenge the status quo and connect with consumers on a deep emotional level.

Find Your Pivot Point 
Tap in to what makes your brand unique and see how it can generate success in ways you never expected. We call it your organization’s pivot point – and it’s what makes you successfully stand out from the competition.


Develop Your Brand Messaging Using the Five Step Process for People2People Marketing

Step 1: Understand your target audience and demographics – Spend time to really understand who you want to buy or use your products along with their demographics such as age, gender, income level, education level, job title and location. Rank in order of importance who will be the early adopters or raving fans of your product or service.

Step 2: Determine the problem for your target audience – What challenge are they facing that is driving them to search for a solution? Take their viewpoint and dig deep into what motivates them.

Step 3: Describe what the best solution is for your target audience – What would your target audience find to be the best choice in solving their problem?

Step 4: Write a problem solving statement – The best statement easily connects the problem in the market today with the best solution for solving the problem.

Step 5: Craft your brand message – Try to develop in less than 25 words the problem solving statement for your product/service that uses your understanding of the market and takes your customer’s viewpoint. Test the message to ensure it is clear, simple and concise. Brilliant marketing messages address what’s important to the customer in a memorable and sometimes entertaining way.  

Once you’ve completed these five steps, you can fine tune your brand messaging to develop three to five supporting statements that help to tell your story and “why” in the market – why choose your organization or brand over others. Say something original that only you can deliver. These are basically three to five major themes, benefits or selling points that make your brand unique.  

Now you are ready to start telling your organization’s story to inform, educate, entertain or inspire your target audience to engage with you. 

When a brand’s marketing strategy is supported through People2People Marketing and storytelling, you clearly state the intention and value proposition that support your organization’s overarching vision. 

The biggest mistake we see is jumping in and trying to develop go-to market strategies without spending time up front to properly understand who you are ultimately selling to and the problems only you are solving. Trying to be ‘all things to all people’ dilutes your message and makes it harder for your prospects to break through all the noise and process the information you are providing to them.

By focusing on People2People Marketing, you’ll clearly articulate the value that your organization brings to the market and generate the results you desire.    

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If you’re serious about creating growth opportunities – we’re an excellent choice as your collaborative partner.

Angelia brought an amazing ability to work at a strategic level, be creative, yet watch the details. She is a pleasure to work with and readily fostered a productive relationship with others. I heartily recommend Angelia.

Betty Shanahan

former VP Product Development & Marketing, Stellent/INSO Corp.

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