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WINC – Wavefront, Inc.

Pivot Point

Focusing on Winc’s unique ability to harness the new generation of mobile business technologies that are having a disruptive impact on Canadian business . Winc is agile, nimble and five years ahead of where the enterprise currently operates. This project was the phase 1 launch for this new service offered by Wavefront.


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nterprise Mobile Consulting Services


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Project Description

Logo & Brand Elements

The Winc brand evolved from the successful Wavefront Accelerator which is well known within Canada’s wireless marketplace. The existing brand equity for Wavefront was retained to make a clear connection between the two companies while leveraging the brand values of innovation, industry expertise and quality.

Several directions were explored to provide options that best portrayed Winc – your partner for all things mobile. The Winc emoticon was chosen for how it best connects the target audience to Winc’s mobile consulting services while retaining the Wavefront brand values.


Winc is Canada’s mobile usability and testing source that is uniquely positioned to provide the highest level of mobile thought leadership and mission critical expertise available to accelerate the growth and success of Canadian companies seeking to leverage mobile and digital business technologies. The website needed a strong call to action, “Innovate Now” along with four key differentiators to capture the attention of big enterprise seeking services that enable mobility innovation and testing by simulating any network in the world. 

Knowing that the mobile development and testing space is changing rapidly – it was essential to clearly state why Winc’s services are better than any other firm in Canada. Four icons make it easy for site visitors to identify and drill down for meaningful content that strongly promote the Winc advantage.

The Winc site also includes a custom designed and secured partner portal that gives access to partner-related content and marketing materials for national sales efforts. The portal is designed to easily add more partners in a secured environment as their team of preferred partners grows.

Public Relations

Winc officially announced the formation of its enterprise consulting services leveraging their unique market differentiators in a launch press release in May, 2015 titled “Winc debuts as go-to Canadian expert for developing and executing effective mobile strategies.”

Click here to read Winc press release.

PPM Services

  • B2B/P2P marketing strategy
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand development
  • Website development – Eggbeater Creative
  • Website copy writing
  • Press release copy writing

I really enjoyed the creative process that Angelia led as she brought together a team in order to build a vision, brand it, and get it launched. Starting from almost nothing she helped articulate the indescribable and paint what was invisible. Nothing seemed to faze her or her team no matter how many bumps and potholes she faced. She was hired for one particular need but did such a good job that she was brought on again for a few other nearly impossible projects with great success. She has local and international connections that all can help even the smallest companies and services get the visibility they need while also catering to the needs of complex nationwide or multi-national enterprises. I look forward to working with Angelia and her team in the future.

William (Bill) Archer

Former VP Enterprise Solutions, Wavefront