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Drexan Energy Systems, Inc.

Pivot Point

Positioning the paradigm shift created by the market adoption of a truly disruptive product in the trace heating industry. New technology developed by Drexan has the potential to displace current systems which have dominated the market for over 50 years. Discover why Drexan is – Trace Heating Redefined.


Trace Heating


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Project Description

Logo & Brand Elements

Brand evolution that properly positions current strengths and opportunities.

Drexan Energy Systems, Inc. needed to evolve its current HeatTracer brand to best represent recent product innovations. The original brand was a literal representation of a heating cable cross-section. The newly evolved logo and brand elements have taken a more stylized interpretation of a heating cable cross-section represented by spherical elements in blue and green. The product logo includes the new brand position statement “Trace Heating Redefined”.

Original Logo

Evolved Logo


Drexan Energy Systems, Inc. is poised to revolutionize the trace heating market with its innovative new PipeGuard CMH cable. The evolved website needed to clearly articulate how Drexan is redefining the trace heating industry with its products and services.

The new site makes it easy for visitors to view the breadth of heating cable solutions manufactured by this company while being able to download data sheets, spec sheets and installation guides. Photos and imagery show the Drexan HeatTracer systems deployed in the field across numerous industries. The website also promotes social media links for the latest information about the company.

The navigation and new hierarchy of information in the Drexan website tell the “Trace Heating Redefined” story while making it easy to contact the company for assistance.

Social Media

Drexan is building a new online community for its trace heating products and services. Social media links to LinkedIn and Twitter extend the logo and brand elements.

Sales Collateral

Drexan manufactures products that require data sheets, installation sheets and specification sheets. A template was created that makes the creation of this information easy-to-read while extending the new Drexan positioning – Trace Heating Redefined.

Content Marketing

Several customer stories have been written to promote how Drexan is redefining the trace heating market with their innovative cables. Read these customer stories:

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Angelia is a very personable, attentive and knowledgeable professional. Full of ideas but just as importantly, she always executes on time. It is great working with her.

Steve Makar

Vice President, Drexan Energy Systems, Inc.