Have you ever spent so much time designing your website and filling it with content that you forgot to tell your audience what to do?  It happens. Without a strong call to action peppered throughout your website on key landing pages, visitors may simply leave without doing what you had hoped they would do.

A “call to action” is exactly what the name suggests – it’s a prompt to do something such as signing up for a newsletter, contacting a firm to obtain product details or even to “buy now” based on a limited time offer. Calls to action can appear in many places on a website from the end of a blog post, a pop up window or within the main content. They are essential to encouraging your site visitor to take action.

What’s the key to creating successful calls to action? We believe it’s knowing why your target audience is searching for your product or service – and then making it easier to buy it, find out more or speak with someone at your firm.  Often, we see websites that look great but don’t function well because there is no encouragement for the site visitor to take action.

What works really well when writing calls to action is making an emotional connection. One effective emotional motivator is curiosity. Encouraging your visitors to seek out more information beyond what they have just read to increase their desire to engage with your firm.

Here are some great examples of making calls to action that make an emotional connection:

  • Discover your best life
  • Book your next adventure
  • Click here to find out how to protect your family
  • Send me your secrets to success
  • Claim your bonus video
  • Help me find the best solution

In all these examples you’re blending an emotional feeling with a verb to do something. Calls to action are a central part of online marketing, conversions and overall website success. Not having calls to action or using them ineffectively will decrease your website’s effectiveness.

Sometimes, simply encouraging a site visitor to contact your firm directly is the best action to take. We’ve found these combinations tend to convert visitors to engaged buyers:

  • Ready to get started?
  • Looking for something not listed below? Contact us or request a quote – we love a challenge.
  • We’re easy to reach and eager to help.
  • Need help? We’re here.

If you want to see the power of how great calls to action can really convert, we find this article by MEClabs inspiring, “Call to Action Optimization:132% increase in click through from changing four simple words.”

Need help creating calls to action that convert? Let’s connect.