Practicing what you preach is so important – no matter what you do.

Our first website launched over eight years ago and provided a fantastic digital footprint for the start of Pivot Point Marketing. As you can imagine, so much has changed in the digital marketing world since 2012! We knew it was time to refresh our brand messaging to ensure we’re continuing to connect with our target audiences into the next decade.

We’re proud to launch the new iteration of our website along with updated messaging, customer stories and blog posts that showcase our current strengths in providing marketing strategies that leverage our unique approach to People2People Marketing.

We’ve added a new Agencies section showing the services we use to support agencies, designers, digital marketers and SEO experts when they need project-based support or upfront strategy to make their work perform, and we’ve dedicated a new section that details how People2People Marketing can work for you. Our blog is now much easier to search for great ideas in all sorts of marketing to help grow your business.

An abundance of thanks is given to Eggbeater Creative for designing and programming this evolved website.

We’re excited about what the future will bring and look forward to making a difference for our clients by translating their vision into reality!