Your brand can create a powerful competitive advantage if it can make consumers aware of a need in a “unique and subtle” way. In addition, by making an emotional connection with your brand, you make it memorable for your prospective customer in a marketplace full of distractions and competition.

In search of the latest trends and techniques for introducing new products, Marketing Sherpa has recently published an excellent article and infographic based on their latest research of marketing professionals. The results were generated from the question, “How do you help new customers learn about your products or existing customers learn about new products?

What do you think are the best methods for 2016? According to the industry, the top five ways were:

  1. Online advertising (60%)
  2. Search engine optimization (57%)
  3. Producing online content directly from brand- ex. blogs, social media, videos, forums (56%)
  4. Encouraging sharing on social media accounts (47%)
  5. Encouraging word-of-mouth from friends, family and colleagues (45%)

For complete details about these best methods, read the entire article, “Tactics marketers use to introduce customers to new products” to leverage best practices for your business. You too can try and help customers discover your new products by investing in online advertising, SEO, producing useful content, encouraging sharing on social media and word-of-mouth from family and friends. Strive to attract customers to discover your products by targeting specific customer groups, personalizing their product offers and diversifying their communication channels.