Did you know that over 205 billion emails are sent out every day? Despite all the advances in social media, email marketing continues to be a successful method for reaching new business leads, developing rapport with customers and establishing your company as an industry leader or innovator. In fact, email continues to have the highest conversion rate among social media channels, direct mail and online promotions. You can see why it’s still one of the most widely used marketing methods for engaging directly with customers and prospects.

Is there a science to knowing how to actively reach customers? Yes, and it involves the creation of relevant content that connects with your target audience and makes your company’s products and services memorable. Being strategic – by properly connecting what you’re solving in the market and how your products and services make you unique – is key to your communications success. It’s important not to sell in email but give strong calls to action to your subscribers to obtain more information, receive discounts or attend an event (to name a few). By offering valuable information, you’ll build rapport and be a resource to your prospects and customers alike.

Looking for ideas for developing great email content? We recently read an article that offers up some great suggestions to succeed using technology and segmentation tools to connect with your audience and show that you are giving them your full attention. Read more in The Science Behind Building Emails that Resonate.