Content has always played an important part in marketing to build a brand, gain trust and to sell products and services. However, to really win in content marketing, you have to learn to put your marketing message into content that is enjoyable, relevant and useful for your target audience – instead of simply yelling out about how good you are at dong something.

By developing useful content that demonstrates your area of expertise and clearly shows your knowledge – you’ll build trust and be memorable in the marketplace. Don’t simply state what you do. Focus on what your target audience wants.

Often, it’s easy to fail in content marketing because we don’t set goals, do proper research and monitor content distribution channels. We fall into the trap of creating content solely for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.

Get content marketing on the right track by:

  • Focusing on what your target audience wants
  • Researching which media channels are best for pushing out content
  • Publishing your content at the right place
  • Influencing thought leaders to embrace your content and validate your concepts and viewpoints.

Don’t chase the last person away from your promotional messaging by learning to invest more effort into understanding your audience and what they are looking for – we call it your pivot point. It’s what makes you agile in the market and clearly articulates your value proposition to your target audience.