Developing a People2People marketing strategy for your company isn’t an easy task. You
have to ask yourself – how do you differentiate yourself in the market? What is the one
specific thing makes you different in the eyes of your customers? Why should they choose
you when there are so many other choices?

Whether you are an established business looking to evolve and expand or a new company
ready to launch innovative products and services, we can find your pivot point. It’s what
encourages a business to choose you over others. A strong pivot point makes an emotional
connection with your target audience and makes your products and services memorable
and credible.

We pay attention to your target audience. Take time to understand what motivates them to
engage with your business over others. We build long term relationships with your
customers. That’s where Pivot Point Marketing excels. By working with you, and defining
your goals, audience and strengths in the market, we identify opportunities for growth and
success. We generate the results you want with our collaborative approach.

How do you get started? Ask yourself –

The Top Three People2People Marketing Questions

  1. What is the problem in your industry today?
  2. How are you solving this problem?
  3. What is your target audience(s) in order of early adopters to influencers?

If you’re wondering how to best answer some of these questions, simply contact us and
we’ll step you through our start-up survey.