I recently read an article that resonated with me because it strongly connected with the corporate philosophy for Pivot Point Marketing. The article discussed how corporate giving can have a positive impact on your brand and in turn boost sales. By aligning your corporate values with genuine causes that you believe in and want to further, your organization can create a stronger emotional connection with your target audience making your products and services more memorable and meaningful.

The data is compelling in the Forbes magazine article, “Which Charity Is Best? How Corporate Giving Can Boost Branding, Sales” by Robert Passikoff. He asks a fundamental question, “To which charitable category do you think your brand should contribute? Not your personal brand but the one you work for?” Take a moment to read the list and pick one charity without emotional bias. It’s an interesting exercise and one that I encourage all business owners to do.

At Pivot Point Marketing, we give our time and energy to groups and associations that further the resources, activities and support for children. For a complete list of the groups we donate our time and energy to, read About Us.