Posted recently to Twitter, this infographic provides a great summary of digital marketing trends to watch in 2017. Here are some of the key observations:

  1. Analysis and ROI – old school methods will be used often.
  2. Focused Planning – focus on one channel at a time.
  3. PPC is changing – more difficult with the elimination of Google Adwords.
  4. SEO will become harder – Google is rewarding mobile ready websites.
  5. Marketing budgets shifted towards creative approaches – optimizing PPC and social media marketing.
  6. Social media marketing will become critical – be creative and stay relevant.
  7. More content marketing – relevant and original content creation will increase.
  8. Increased demand for conversion optimization – to overcome the increase in online advertising costs.
  9. Mobile will take center stage in the customer journey – mobile ads perform 5x’s better than traditional online ads.
  10. Increased personalization and segmentation – deliver content on a personal level.