Don’t you feel that the best marketing doesn’t “feel” like marketing? Instead, it establishes an emotional connection with your target audience by making a product or service more memorable. How we feel about an organization, product or service is more important than ever because it is more likely to encourage your target audience to invest with you and choose your brand over others.

More and more, marketers are relying on storytelling to channel the best customers to embrace their brand messaging. It’s not easy. Trying to tell a compelling, well thought-out story that truly connects your target audience to your brand’s vision requires a consistent and compelling message.

Are you trying to have greater emotional impact when telling your story? At Pivot Point Marketing, we see this as a growing and essential strategy for pushing out your strengths. We recently interviewed a like-minded video agency that offers up some insight into how to boost your emotional intelligence with video marketing. The company is 6162 Productions based in Seattle, WA with resources available in Denver, CO and Vancouver, BC.

“Developing content with emotional intelligence resonates with your stakeholders on a deeper level – making them want to invest with you,” says Michael Sharon, Founder & Creative Visionary at 6162 Productions. “We believe that video is the ideal medium to communicate with an increasingly sophisticated consumer.”

Creating story-driven video that drives your brand values is something that 6162 successfully accomplishes when working with marketing strategists and their clients. Together, they are able to properly extend brand messaging into scripts that make an emotional connection and focus in on key desires. “We are able to create mission-driven brand films that unite story with strategy for maximum impact,” says Michael.

It used to be that custom photos inserted into email campaigns and websites set the tone and feel for an organization and showed them “in action”. But now, more and more organizations are making stronger connections by using video to tell their story. Video provides a higher level of emotional intelligence in telling your story as you can properly script and visually focus in on key desires.

Consider using video the next time you craft an email campaign – it eliminates the need for attachments while still offering up interest and intrigue into a standardized method of communicating to your target audience. Ensure your video contains the same call to action as in your email to encourage readers to contact your organization or take action.

“The brain is hard-wired to respond and engage with stories much more than concepts in the abstract,” states Michael, “stories are the units by which we as humans break down and associate with the world around us.”

The team at 6162 Productions offers up three tips for telling your next video story:

  1. Choose the right story – the idea behind this approach is to draw a correlation between the impact your organization has made and the problem that you are trying to solve in your industry, not-for-profit or institution.
  2. Call to action – After you have identified the story that will allow your audience to understand the full weight of your organization’s impact, it is time to fit the narrative within your primary motivation of a campaign.
  3. Context is key – Similar to orienting your storytelling content to support your campaign’s end goals, the context in which the story is presented should be strategically aligned. For example, if a client story video is going to be screened at a luncheon, have the main character deliver the call to action from the podium immediately afterwards. Make sure the story-driven article has embedded links that direct to your social media and website.

By following these three tips, organizations can see even greater results in boosting their emotional intelligence and making a stronger connection with their target audience.

Michael Sharon, Founder & Creative Visionary at 6162 Productions

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