At some point, most of my clients have participated in a trade show. Despite the diversity of their industries, the common concern has always been providing an answer to the question,  “Am I getting a return on my investment in attending a trade show?”. Participation is expensive in staff time, marketing materials and the booth itself.

Are you looking for ways to make your next trade show profitable and sustainable?  The great news is profiting from trade show selling is easy once you have the fundamentals nailed down. Five solid suggestions are provided in this article for evaluating your next show.

Remember, it’s critical your corporate positioning and messaging is distinct and clear. When you walk the trade show and see your competitors’ booths how does your booth compare? Is your message clearly solving the problem your customers are having in their industry? What do you want trade show attendees to do AND remember once they have visited your booth?

Beyond marketing and sales strategy make sure your trade show booth and participation are aligned with your sustainability strategy and the values of your potential and existing customers. It’s possible to be green and profitable even with your trade show marketing.

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