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Pivot Point

Humanizing technology so it is easy to adopt and use is the focal point for this new Fintech platform. “Welcoming Wealth Management Advisors to the Digital Asset Conversation” is how we are telling the MeetAmi story.


Digital Asset Investing



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Content Marketing

What does Digital Asset investing mean for Wealth Management advisors during The Great Wealth Transfer? The answer is to adopt MeetAmi’s comprehensive digital asset platform that takes them from Learning to Liquidity.

The architecture of the website showcases the four distinct areas where MeetAmi supports advisors – Learning, Services, Technology Platform and Digital Asset Shelf.

The tone of the entire website extends the Digital Asset conversation and why it’s critical that advisors start learning about Digital Asset investing now.

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Public Relations

Press releases were developed for MeetAmi Innovations that promoted the various phases for bringing the platform to market, including:

View all press releases, team interviews and channel marketing announcements here.

PPM Services

  • Content marketing
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  • Press releases
  • Channel marketing
  • Awards submission
  • Brand development – Pear Advertising & Design
  • Website development – Pear Advertising & Design
  • A SaladBar project – marketing in collaboration

We are so thrilled to have you involved and love the way you message everything. You always capture our intention perfectly.

Sarah Morton
Chief Strategy Officer, MeetAmi Innovations, Inc